March 2017

Pontoon Lake, NT

The 1st annual NWT Arctic Anglers Family Fishing Derby was held at Walsh Lake, on a day that got close to -40 degrees Celsius! Despite the cold, almost 100 people participated, proving it takes more than a little chill to keep these hearty folks from getting out and dropping their rods in the water!


A little help for Camp Connections

As the saying goes, a little help goes a long way! With the money raised at the inaugural fishing derby, the Arctic Anglers decided to give back. All proceeds from the derby were dontated to Camp Connections, an on-the-land camp operated by the Foster Family Coalition of the NWT. Devastated by wild fires the summer prior, all donated proceeds were put towards rebuilding the camp. Although the Anglers contribution wasn't anywhere near what was needed to rebuild, sometimes every little bit counts, and Arctic Anglers were proud to support the rebuild effort!

Thank you